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Pipeline Products
Sfeir Trading FZC
Our Services
Sales Assistance
We provide advice on the ideal products to supply our clients based on a project basis. 

Our trained representatives are readily available to inspect and assist in the selection of the required products. Moreover, they provide clients with technical information, different modes of application, product comparison and other relevant requirements.

Our Company meets your specifications by providing a quick service and assisting in your needs: best pricing from suppliers, transport and delivery services, import duties, insurance and inspection, hence, taking the hassle out of importing goods required by clients.
Site Services
Pipe Installation

Sfeir Trading provides assistance on pipe installation, such as site supervision or site inspection, and site lamination.

Inspection Reports

Inspection reports are filled by our site service engineer/supervisor. The reports include: Quality Assurance Check List (delivery and installation), Pipe Deflection Report and the Hydro test Report.

Our qualified site engineers and supervisors extend their experience and knowledge at the site in advising the crew when they face difficulties during the installation process and advise the contractor’s employees on the installation process.

Site services minimizes the time of installation, waste of materials, poor workmanship, repair works etc. and conclude a site service report for each project.

Check Lists

Checklists and reports filled by Sfeir Trading field service and site service engineers submitted to the client/contractor include the following:

Quality Assurance Check List for delivery and installation;
Pipe Deflection Report;
Hydro Test Report.

Installation Guidelines

The site services department assists clients in understanding the installation guidelines by providing the following:

Installation Presentation:
Overview on the installation procedure and propose recommendations prior to start of the installation.

Installation Manual:
Provide an installation manual that supports the contractor on the proper soil, handling, storage, bedding, laying, joining, backfilling and testing procedures.

On Site Training:
Sfeir Trading will provide the contractor with a site service representative to provide trainings on the site preparation, installation and testing.

Site Visits:
Periodic visits during the period of pipe installation to ensure that all the installation activities are performed properly as per standard.

The installation of the line has been successfully completed according to standards.

Customer’s Survey:
Our representative conducts a customer feedback survey to check if there is any room for customer service improvement.