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Water Meters
Water meter products are used to measure the total volume of cold potable water and hot water flowing which is consumed in household or in resident units, passing through the pipeline.

Some meters are made especially for heat-resistant that is used for measuring the living water, hot water, boiler preheating water and process cooling water. Other meters are made for dry-type water meter measuring devices that are driven by magnetic coupling, easy reading good antifreeze property and ability to permanently keep the reading clear.

Adopting pointer and word-wheel combination count device, with advanced and an elegant structure. The counter is sealed by a special type of liquid and the reading is clear for long, convenient meter copy and long service life.

Rotary-vane meter, multi and single jet, volumetric, wet type and dry, flow meter and others such as remote control, digital that is suitable for hot, cold and potable water.

Nominal Sizes: 15mm and up.
Water Condition: Water temperature  ≤ 50˚C.
Working Pressure:  ≤ 1 MPa.

Water Meter Box:
Small water meter box: 30x40 cm for use in PP and galvanized connections;
Big water meter box: 30x60 cm for use in PE connections;
Depth: 15-90 cm based on order.

  • The cover is available in plastic and cast iron in conformity with usage conditions such as sudden temperature variation, humidity and direct sun rays;
  • Holds high resistance properties against corrosion caused by the following: chemical factors, oil, gases, lubricants, etc.;
  • Supporting bridges at the bottom;
  • Resistance against bumps and strokes; and
  • High capability of bearing weight.