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Steel Pipelines
Steel Pipes supplied include the following:
  • Electrical Resistant Welded (ERW);
  • Longitudinal Welded (LSAW);
  • Spiral Welded (SSAW);
  • Seamless;
  • Stainless Steel: Seamless & Welded;
  • Galvanized; and
  • Casing and Tubing: OCTG pipes (casing pipes, drill pipes, production tubing) for all oil and gas operations.

Steel Pipes supplied are designed for the following operations:
  • Gas pipeline transmission;
  • Oil pipeline transmission;
  • Pressure pipelines;
  • Industrial transmission;
  • Water supply systems; and
  • Draining & cleaning operations.

Production standards are as follows:
  • Pilings: ASTM A 252;
  • Water line pipes: AWWA C 200, TS 1997, DIN 2460, BS 534, UNI 6363, DIN 1626;
  • Petroleum and gas line pipes: API 5L, TS 6047, DIN 17172, GOST 20295.
Pipe Lengths:
Specifications ranging from: 6m - 16m, other production standards and specifications can be applied on a case by case basis.

Our Straight Seam Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) pipe production range from 1/2” upwards where the following standards are applied: AFNOR, API, ASTM, AWWA, BS,DIN, Gost, JIS, TS, and UNI.

Coating and Lining:
The coating of pipes is fundamental for protecting the pipe against corrosive environment and to provide a longer life. Our manufacturers apply different types of coatings and linings in accordance with major standards in order to fulfill our clients’ requirements.

Polyethylene Coating (Pe):
PE coating is extremely efficient against corrosive and aggressive environments and chemical materials. PE coating is applied in accordance with DIN30670.

Bitumen Coating and Lining:
Bitumen coating and lining is applied in accordance with DIN2461, DIN30673, BS41-64, BS41-47, and others.

Epoxy Coating and Lining:
Epoxy resin is applied after the internal surface treatment is completed in accordance with SA2 1/2 requirement. This procedure is applied with sanitary norms and AWWA C-210. 

In addition, we also apply Coal-Tar Enamel Coating and Coal-Tar Epoxy Coating.

Temporary Rust Protection Coating and Cement-Mortar Lining provided are in compliance with the major standards such as AWWAC-203 and BS41-64 for coal-tar enamel coating AWWA C-2-5 for Cement-mortar lining.