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GRE Pipes
The Company trades Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Pipes and Fittings (GRE) in diameters ranging from 25 to 1200 mm, pressures from 10 to 32 BarG where these pipes and fittings are available in adhesive bonded, mechanical, and laminated jointing systems.

GRE pipe systems are utilized in normal to aggressive environments with a wide operational temperature range up to 120 Degree Celsius. 

The following are standard applications for GRE products:
  • Industrial Plants: chemical processing plants, fertilizer plants, food processing industries, paper and textile industries, petrochemical plants, sanitary and industrial sewerage plants, chemical wastes, refineries, oil and gas lines.
  • Power Plants: Raw and Potable Water lines, cooling water process lines, sea and brine water pipelines, and fire fighting lines.
  • Utilities: Agriculture, desalination plants, reverse osmosis plants, and public water supply.
  • GRE pipe systems can also handle heavy industrial wastes, abrasive slurries, toxic chemicals, hazardous fluids or those for above ground or higher temperature services.

GRE Pipe Systems are manufactured according to international standards:

AWWA C 950, AWWA M45, ASTM D 2996, ASTM D 3754, BS 5480, AND API 5HR AND API 5LR.

GRE Pipe Systems have a lot of benefits and some of the advantages are:

Corrosion Resistant, light weight, extremely smooth pipe interior surface and superior mechanical and thermal properties where design life is 50 years.

GRE pipe systems are manufactured by Helical Discontinuous Manufacturing Process and are produced with strict quality assurance and quality control according to international AWWA, ISO, and ASTM standards.