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Sfeir Trading FZC
Agricultural Commodities
Sfeir Trading has been in the field of exporting agricultural products for more than 30 years and has evolved into a major supplier of premium quality food products to meet the needs of international markets.
We offer a vast range of grains & cereals, as per our clients’ requirements:

  • Rice – Is one of our key trading commodities. We specialize in moving this critical commodity from areas of surplus to areas where supply is unable to meet demand. We’re experienced rice suppliers of white rice, brown rice, parboiled rice, rough rice and other specialty rice products, sourced from various countries.
  • Sugar - We source all sugar from the best strains of raw sugar cane in the main producing nations with very high production standards.
  • Soy bean and Soy Bean meal – We’re an established global player in soy bean for human consumption and animal feed, through our extensive sourcing capacity from farm gate in various origins.
  • Other Grains – Such as wheat, barley and corn from different origins into markets where demand is not met by supply or where supply is seasonal.
Our commitment to quality ensures that our processes are in line with global standards for food safety and our customers' requirements.

Our goal is to add value to all commodities carried through the supply chain. Sfeir Trading’s experienced team is ready to procure any quantity of the above-mentioned products.